As everyone knows, Southern Ontario has many top universities in the world, which attracted hundreds and thousands of international students come to study and live every year. However, the current number of on-campus residences of each university is way less than the number of the students. Therefore, renting from off-campus residences has become more and more important and necessary for the most of students. As we can see, invest in off-campus properties will bring long-term and stable returns to the investors, whether it will be rented out or live by themselves. Also, it will be an excellent opportunity to protect the investment portfolio from the loss which affected by risks and depreciation in the market.

Joynet Realty will cooperate with and, help you buy university off-campus properties, rent to high-quality students, which created a one-stop service for buying, renting, and management. We will provide our customer with a time-saving investment method and ensure a high return on investment.

Invest university off-campus properties, Choose Joynet Realty! Working with Joynet Realty will help you invest in a worry-free and proper way!