• Find a sales representative


    Once you decide to list your home with a realtor, a “seller representation agreement” will be completed and signed.  Usually, an experienced real estate agent like us will assist you to set up a suitable listing price depends on the current market and the sold properties around your area. Of course, you can also hire a professional appraiser to know how much your home worth at that moment.

  • Staging, Photos, Videos & More


    If you wish your property could attract more people and sell a good price, some touch-ups, the professional staging services, the professional photos, and virtual tours are highly recommended before your realtor uploading information to MLS system.

  • Information upload to MLS system


    After all the listing information and marketing materials prepared, the listing agent will upload all necessary information into the Realtor® MLS system. The MLS listing information will automatically appear on several cooperating Websites such as realtor.ca within a day after the property is listed.

  • Property showing


    Typically, the first 2 weeks after a home is listed is the time when the greatest number of showings occur. The co-op agents will book showing and bring potential buyers to visit the property. Usually, the listing agent will install a lockbox in an appropriate place of the house, it is convenient for other agents to bring clients to see the house when you are not at home.

  • Receiving offer


    If the buyer is interested in your property, his/her real estate agent will register an offer to the listing brokerage. Sometimes multiple offers are registered to a property, so the listing brokerage needs to inform all buyers that we have a multiple offer situation, and how many offers registered, etc. After all offer received and reviewed, the seller will choose one offer to accept or counter back one of the offers. Offer is divided into conditional offer and unconditional offer. Conditional offers may have conditions such as mortgage, inspection, or status certificate (only for condominium corporation), and will be firmed only after all the conditions are fulfilled or removed.

  • Possession Day


    Possession date (also called Completion date) is the date when the home changes title from the old owner to the new owner. This date is negotiated as part of the offer.  All property taxes, utilities, rentals, and any other financial obligations are adjusted as of this date. The lawyer will prepare and ask you to sign several related documents on the closing date or couple days before to discharge any mortgage or liens and transfer the title from you to the new owner. Please make sure all chattels and fixtures which included in the offer are in normal working condition and all the keys delivered to your lawyer or any appointed place. If you could leave any appliance manuals, plans or other house related documents the new owner, you will be really appreciated.

  • Congratulations


    Your property sold successfully! Please don’t forget to get money from your lawyer!