The house can be valued by evaluating factors such as geographic location, floor area, living area, house age, interior structure, decoration equipment and construction quality. If necessary, professional real estate agents can provide reference prices or seek professional house appraisers to evaluate the house.

Generally, the cost of selling a house includes real estate brokerage commissions, house promotion fees, legal fees, moving, cleaning and decorating fees and any other related sales expenses. To be noticed, in Canada, the seller needs to pay the brokerage costs of buyer and seller. The listing broker is responsible for collecting commissions as a percentage of the total price of the house, and then allocates the commission to the buyer’s brokerage in a pre-arranged ratio with the buyer’s broker.

After the owner signs a contract with a real estate agent, the house will be booked for showing by the interested buyer. The owner can do some simple cleaning and tidying up before the show. If necessary, you can ask a professional team to do Home Staging for the house, which is, home furnishings. The advantage of Staging is that it may bring greater exposure to the house and increase the chance of showing the house.

  • Firm offer:Unconditional offer, once signed, the buyer and seller must accept unconditionally.
  • Conditional offer:Conditional offers usually have mortgage request and home inspection request attached. When the bank refuses to approve the loan or there is a problem with the quality of the house, the deposit can be returned to the buyer without any legal liability.


Offer’s content:

  1. Basic Information: Seller and buyer’s name, property address
  2. Selling Price: Deposit, mortgage
  3. Household appliance included in the house
  4. The basic responsibilities and obligations assumed by buyers and sellers.
  5. The time for handing over the house and the offer expiry date.


The seller does not have to accept the offer received, and can send  counter offer to willing buyers if necessary. Only when both parties reach an agreement to jointly sign on the offer is legally binding, and both parties must abide by the terms listed on the offer.